The house at 14 Partisan Street, 16 // Herzliya

stage. Getting started

The house on Partisan Street 14-16 is located in the pleasant, renewable and characteristic Neve Amal neighborhood of land-linked construction, green spaces and open views adjacent to a quiet and intimate playground.


In the revitalized area, families and young couples alongside veteran residents enjoy diverse community activities within walking distance of public institutions and designated neighborhood services that include up to, charming community centers, family centers, kindergartens and high schools, shopping centers, bank branches, post offices and hospitals, synagogues, Rabin Park The greenery, gardens and even a tennis court.Biking distance from cultural centers, theater, music, art, museum and cafes and a short drive from shopping centers, country club, marina and seaside for the well-being of the city, quality of life and leisure.


The project is planned with the implementation of green building components from Israel Standard 5281 Part 2 for Residential - with emphasis on the energy efficiency for energy, electricity and water savings and in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment.

כצנלסון 29 הדמיה.jpg
Dreaming of your own corner?

The house on Partisan Street 14,16 // Herzliya


- Ahead of Execution - Expect 2022

- A unique project in innovative and luxurious design and planning

- Full banking escort

- Wide lobby with two staircases and two separate elevators

- Garden apartments, 3.5 / 4 room apartments and amazing penthouses


Price starting at NIS 2,010,000


מגשימים נכסים_כצנלסון 29 - הדמיה 1 להמחש
מגשימים נכסים_כצנלסון 29- הדמיה 3 להמחשה
מגשימים נכסים_כצנלסון 29  - הדמיה 2 להמח
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