Erez Dayan Harbagiu

Joint CEO

Erez holds a BA in engineering, an MBA from the College of Academic Management Studies, and an MA in science with a major in financing from the City University of New York. He also holds a diploma in construction project management from the Israel Institute of Technology (the Technion).

Erez has served in various management positions in the family companies over the years, including in the fields of industry, real estate, and education. In preparation for the establishment of Magshimim Properties, he undertook a series of examinations and studies in the field of strengthening buildings against earthquakes and the ways this process is implemented by companies in the Israeli market.

As part of this process, Erez gained an in-depth understanding of all the procedures involved in NOP 38 projects, the construction methods used in Israel and around the world, and ways these could be improved. Erez now applies this professional knowledge in his management work in the company.