Mirit Mankovich

Deputy CEO, Marketing

Magshimim Properties and is responsible for the fields of content, advertising, and client relations. Among other aspects, Mirit coordinates the contacts between the clients and the different bodies in the field, provides regular updates, and implements the company’s unique worldview, based on transparency, mutual respect, and cooperation.

Mirit holds a BA in business management from the College of Academic Management Studies with a major in financing and marketing, and an MBA with a major in advertising and marketing. Before joining Magshimim Properties, Mirit served as the client relations manager at an investment company in the First International Bank of Israel.

Mirit’s extensive experience in working with the company’s clients and with bodies in the field have given her a profound understanding of the needs and desires of different clients. She applies this knowhow in all aspects of her work with clients, providing a professional response while ensuring that each individual enjoys personal attention.