About Magshimim Properties

Magshimim Properties initiates and promotes urban renewal projects, building restorations, and projects under the terms of Israel’s National Outline Plan 38 (NOP 38), which provides various benefits for promoters and homeowners in return for strengthening buildings against earthquakes. The company is also involved in new construction projects around Israel.

Magshimim Properties was founded by Arthur Mankovich and Erez Dayan Harbagiu, entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of real estate and industry. After an acquaintance spanning many years, they decided to join forces and leverage their experience in order to create an innovative and leading real estate company.

The company has a solid commercial and financial base and maintains strategic partnerships with carefully-selected professionals with proven experience in implementing real estate projects in general and NOP 38projects in particular.

Magshimim Properties Properties is Israel’s leading company in the field of urban renewal through NOP 38 projects. The company’s quality control system has been inspected and reviewed by the Israel Standards Institute and has been found to conform to the requirements of theIsraeli and international standards SI:ISO 9001:2008.

Magshimim Properties focuses on the needs and dreams of the people behind each project. At every stage of its work, the company is guided by the values of transparency, mutual respect, and cooperation.

We believe that the secret to the successful planning and implementation of any real estate project, and particularly NOP 38 projects, lies in understanding the residents’ needs. To this end, the company has developed a unique working model that sees the residents as full partners in the process, from the preliminary feasibility studies through completion of construction and maintenance of the renovated building. This approach helps to create a pleasant living environment that significantly improves the residents’ quality of life.

When people build people - about us

Arthur Mankovich
Joint CEO
Mirit Mankovich
Deputy CEO, Marketing


Attorney Ronny Karduner
Legal Advisor
Motti Balchar
Customer Service Department